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NKV HOME DEPOT is a leading manufacturer of the world's finest Gypsum powder for internal plastering The manufacturer facility is well equipped with state of the art technology and supported by highly qualified and experienced engineers.

NKV GYPSUM - Fine Gypsum plaster, is a one coat application product. This removes dependence on cement, sand, labourers for curing or wall putty for internal plaster works. It can be applied directly over any brick work, concrete surface, siporex blocks, MC or porotherm blocks with thickness ranging from 3mm - 25mm. Once applied, it is a self curing material that is ready to be painted on drying. However NEUROBOND is recommended on RCC Surfaces before applying NKV GYPSUM.

NKV GYPSUM is supplied 25 kg double laminated HDPE bags with a shelf life of 9 months. It is the choice of many requted BUILDERS, ARCHITECT, PROJECT CONSULTANTS AND CONTRACTORS adding value to their prestigious projects.


NEUROBOND is a bonding agent that creates a Chemical bond between NKV GYPSUM plaster and RCC surfaces. It is a milky white to Greenish Liquid which can just be applied by a brush over the surface. The punning can be done after about half an hour. As it has special polymers added, it can also be used for various other applications in construction. The standard packaging done in 20 kg cans with coverage of 150 sft per Kg


  • 1. It can be applied readily by anyone.
  • 2. No hacking required on concrete surface.
  • 3. It prevents microcracks on the concrete.
  • 4. It covers 100% of the area unlike hacking that covers only 25% to 30%
  • 5. Bonding strength is about 1.5 kg / sft.
  • 6. PH value is 7-9
  • 7. Being an elastomeric material it can withstand movements in the structure without cracking.
Application on Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mode of Application Direct Direct


(Replaces hacking)

Prerequisite Pre - Wet surface with water Pre-Wet surface with water None None
Water Curing Not required Not required Not required Not required