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Comparison of Cement - Sand Plaster and NKV GYPSUM

  Cement - Sand Plaster NKV GYPSUM
1 Needs to be mixed in ratios controlled by labour. Ready to apply plaster, only water has to be mixed
2 Coarse finish - depends on sand fineness Single Application wIth smooth finish
3 Needs curing twice everyday for 8 - 10 days. No curing required
4 Surface preparation required for painting Ready for painling after 3-4 days on drying.
5 Needs putty or POP for bonding before painting No Need of Putty or POP. Excellent bonding and compatible with all type of paints
6 Hair line cracks appear. No cracks.
7 Sand quality cannot be determined It is of the highest quality and laboratory tested
8 The space looks smaller and unappealing as it is dark Grey in color The space looks large and beautiful as it is pure White in colour
9 Cannot be applied on smooth surfaces Can be applied on all masonry surfaces
10 Looks patchy in repair works and hairline cracks appear Excellent for repair works
11 High density Low density
12 Difficult and Expensive for excellent finish. Easy Workability and Economical.
13 Increases Building weight as the minimum thickness is 12mm Decreases the building weight as it can be applied in 3 mm to 25mm thickness
14 High Spoilage : Sand has to be cleaned,
washed and Nfted in open containers.

No Spoilage : It is Packed in25kg bag and is opened at the work spot.


  • 1. Surface must be pre wetted, dean, dry and free of dust. Important properties like soluble slat content, thermal characteristics, shrinkage, strength, suction bonding properties etc. of the background which is to be plastered, should be evaluated before application.
  • 2. Any kind of ferrous objects like nails, chicken mesh should be removed. Fibre mesh or Plastic mesh should be used for conduit pipe sealing, column and brick work joints.
  • 3. The right way to mix is to add powder to water not water to powder, Avoid mixing more powder that can be used within 15 mins. The ratio of Gypsum to Water is 1:1
  • 4. After taking the required amount of plaster, always fold the open end, to protect the plaster from moisture. Do not temper or mix fresh material once a piix has started to set.
  • 5. Setting time cannot be altered by diluting the mixture with water and for longer setting time retarder should be added.